Metal 2 The Masses - Lincolnshire Grand Final

12:00 AM - 3rd July 2018

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved with M2TM Lincolnshire 2018!

Lizard King Promotions & Café INDIEpendent were amazing hosts, great bunch of people and we look forward to working with them again!
We were privileged to play alongside some seriously tough competition - Fly No Flag57 DownIrontoothLiberatae Mae and Luna's Call played insane sets, make sure you go and give them some love!

All the live music fans that came to support the competition - you guys absolutely made it for us. Saturday night especially, we're still overwhelmed by the response!!! Thank you so so much.

We've received a crazy amount of messages with love and support, we will reply to everyone asap - it means the world to us, thank you!

**Official announcement regarding the result coming Tuesday 10th July, 11am. Be prepared to share**

Lizzie, Mike, Hendo, Tom & Si x